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The COVID-19 pandemic hit the fashion industry from every angle, severely impacting companies, lives and the market. While there is still no immediate end in sight, there is an opportunity to help the industry by envisioning new ways to support the brands, and reviving the physical experiences as they continue to be an important and much-needed platform for the swimwear industry’s sales, and international collaborations.

With the full support of the City of Miami Beach, a number of in person fashion shows and presentations was produced and live streamed following the strict CDC guidelines on social distancing and other methods preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“We are fortunate that Florida is reopening much more quickly than expected, making it possible for us to hold Paraiso Miami Beach just a month away from the originally scheduled dates”, said Natalija Dedic Stojanovic, Creative director of PARAISO Miami Beach. “We understand the priorities and challenges that brands are facing at the moment. The fundamental platforms that need to be re- activated for the fast recovery of the fashion system as a whole are trade and marketing platforms”, adds Natalija Dedic Stojanovic.

Aguabendita’s fashion show took place last Friday 21st at 8pm at the SLS South Beach hotel, the list of in-person guests was reduced, however between masks I recognized Jenny Lopez and Lina Polania who together with me were part of the group of Colombians that we had the privilege of witnessing the new Tresors / Resort 2021 collection inspired by the earth and the wisdom of nature which always strike the perfect balanced. Color such terracotta, jade green, ecru and mustard stand in contrast to a pastel palette to achieve the perfect visual that inhabits each and every one of the designs.

Once again, they celebrate Colombia’s majesty with and exceptional handmade work and made me feel proud of my town house.

  • Photos: Simon Soong
  • Paraiso Miami Beach
  • Tara PR
  • SLS South Beach

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